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The Glory of God

Asked why he was used of the Lord so greatly in China, Hudson Taylor replied, "God had looked long for a man weak enough, and He found me." He takes the weak things of the world to confound the mighty. Spiritual wisdom does not come with years neither doe Download
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Who's Touching the Ark?

Brother Len speaks on absolute obediance and how it is necessary to walking in God's will that without this obediance we begin to dry up spiritually. Secondly, he discusses man's dealing with holy things of God, namely the ark of God. The application he p Download
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(The Glory of God) in Ministering to the Lord

Brother Paul Washer here describes something that is drastically wanting in the modern movement that calls itself Christianity. While we have conferences, classes, programs and many other things to teach us how to, and also to minister to other men, we ha Download
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Steadying The Ark Of God

Vance Havner shares about how the people of our day have desired to steady the ark, but what we need is to get back to God's ways and His principles. Church needs to get back to God. We have been so anxious to be relevant we have lost our reverence toward Download
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Who holds supreme religious authority today? Who has the sovereignty to rule? It resides only in God and numerous proofs of this claim are found in Scripture. Dr. Tozer uses just two passages to prove the point - in I Chronicles 29 and Daniel 4. Download