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Law & Grace

Law & Grace
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The Spirit Of Law And The Spirit Of Grace

There are those who live by the principle of law and there are those who live by the principle of grace. The one is ministry of condemnation; the other is a ministry of reconciliation. Download
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Enter Into Rest

The greatest insult to God is unbelief towards his promises to us and not resting in Him. Download
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The New Covenant In Christ's Blood

There is a vast difference between the Old Testament and the New. This message clearly explains the superiority of the new covenant that God has made with us. The blood of Christ does not cover sin, but washes it away. We are no longer under condemnation. Download
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An Unchangeable Priesthood

The law is only a shadow of things to come. We are powerless to save ourselves by the works of the law but Jesus Christ is the surety of our salvation. He is the high priest of a new and better covenant Who intercedes for us at the Father's right hand. Download