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The Influence Of One

What can one person do? We sometimes wonder how we can make a difference. This message answers that question in a very practical way. One prayer warrior, one song leader, one minister, one wife, one youth who will take a stand is all God needs to work. Download
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Shepherding Each Other

A powerful message on the blessings of Christian brotherhood. Denny ponders what it means to be accountable to one another. Download
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Why I Don't Have A Television

This message is a wake-up call to those who believe that the TV is harmless, or that it can be controlled. Many scriptures are used to show that the majority of the things presented on television are detrimental and offensive to God. Download
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A Testimony Of Deliverance

God is still working miracles! Ben and Rachel Beiler share how God used recent difficulties in their home to bring deliverance from a long-standing bondage to fear in Rachel's life. Listen to their joy as they marvel at the change in their home. Download
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The Father's Love

Did your father ever tell you that he loved you? Our earthly fathers influence our perception of our heavenly Father. We can know for certain that God loves us. Download
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He Made Them One

There is something supernatural that takes place when an unmarried man and unmarried woman are joined together in matrimony. God joins them together, to be parted only by death. This message examines the biblical definition of marriage. Download
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Let Not Man Put Asunder

God hates divorce. Jesus taught that this is a heart issue, raising it to a higher standard than the Old Testament law. A person's first marriage is binding for life, and subsequent relationships are adultery. Download